General Information
Real name: Raff-Iboye
First Appearance: Justice League Unlimited 46
Created by: Matt Wayne
Carlo Barberi
Affiliations: Weaponers of Qward
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Raff-Iboye was a member of the Qwardians and existed in the dark alternate dimension known as the Anti-Matter Universe. Being a native of Qward, he rose within the ranks of the Weaponers of Qward and eventually achieved the position of Chief Weaponer. At this point, his people were subverted and became servants of the Korugarian supervillain known as Sinestro. He formed a plan with the aid of disgruntled Green Lantern G'Newmann of Space Sector 0063 which involved the use of a Matter/Anti-Matter energy pulse being transmitted from the Temple of The Highlord which was to be directed at the Oan Gateway. This flare would impact the Guardians of the Universe's homeworld and destroy the Green Lantern Central Power Battery whereupon it would bring about an implosion that would force the Positive-Matter Universe into its Anti-Matter counterpart; thus destroying the former of the two. Following the creation of the plan, G'Newmann was betrayed and captured by Sinestro who placed a trap for the Green Lantern Corps on the planet Retral with a fake distress signal stating that the ruined planet needed evacuvation.


Raff-Iboye and G'Nort.

Sinestro's RevengeEdit

The plan worked with fake lifesigns being formed which drew John Stewart and his team including Kilowog, Boodikka and G'Nort to the planet. There, they were attacked by the Weaponers led by Raff-Iboye who declared his intention to slay the Green Lanterns. Initially, the Green Lantern team was overwhelmed as their Green Lantern Power Ring's did not work on the color yellow in the Anti-Matter Universe. After being attacked in the beginning, they managed to turn the tables where they captured the Chief Weaponer. He declared to the "Positive-Matter jerks" that they did not know what he knew. To which, G'Nort approached him and asked that he take them to his leader and thanked him stating that he was a good kid. This led to the Green Lanterns learning of G'Newmann's treachery and involvement in Sinestro's scheme and thus they battled him after dispatching the Qwardians at the Temple of the Highlord. They were defeated at first by Sinestro who launched another Matter/Anti-Matter pulse but this was stopped by the assembled Green Lantern Corps in the Positive-Matter Universe thus ending Sinestro's plan.


  • Raff only features in the Justice League Unlimited comic universe and has not made an appearance in the main Green Lantern continuity.


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