Reckoning[edit | edit source]

Razer goes to the Red Lantern homeworld Shard in an attempt to do what the Green Lanterns can't kill Atrocitus.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The crew of the Interceptor finds the Red Lantern Corps mothership Shard and they decide to continue monitoring it in order to gather intel for a planned assault once the repairs to the ultrawarp are completed and they receive reinforcements from the Green Lantern Corps on Oa. Razer is tired of spying on them and wants to settle his score with Atrocitus and causes a diversion by put a virus on the Intercepter to make it think it is failing but it really isn't. When Razer arrives and attempts to recharge his ring, Atrocitus shuts down the Red Lantern Central Power Battery and interrogates Razer when he tries to kill him with a construct dagger. The Green Lanterns arrive and knock out two guards. Hal learns about the origin of Atrocitus. Kilowog is found but Hal, dressed as a Gunner, takes him to Atrocitus to save Razer. Aya infects Shard's computers with the same virus Razer implanted into her systems which gives them the distraction needed to untie Razer. Razer recharges and grabs Atrocitus's personal battery on the way out. The team are pursued and Kilowog makes a stand against the Red Lantern guards and Zilius Zox but Skallox powers through his defenses before Hal saves him. Atrocitus tells them to meet him at Battery Square to reclaim Aya. Razer goes and battles him. Atrocitus tells Razer that he orchestrated the turmoil on his home planet and killed his wife, Alana. This sends Razer into an incredible rage and he defeats Atrocitus. Razer saves Aya and goes back to the Intercepter. Aya was able to download a large amount of data from Shard's systems and she shows them the location of the Red Lanterns' armada.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At one point during the Episode, Hal Jordan hides inside of a church to escape detection where Red Lantern Loran recounts a tale similar to that of The Massacre of Sector 666. One key difference in this story from the comic book version is that the formation of the Five Inversions never happened.

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