Red Lantern Hunter Killer Drones
General Information
Founder(s): Red Lantern Corps
Leader(s): Red Lantern Corps
Current Members: TBA
Former Members: TBA
Status: Active
Base of Operations: TBA

"Your Hunter Killer Drone isn't much on The Killer part is it?: Zilius Zox to Razer, mocking his Drone.



These unmanned drones were used by The Red Lantern Corps for patrolling areas of space for threats.

Beware My PowerEdit

One such drone belonging to Razer encounteredThe Interceptor and a firefight erupted between the two ships. While unsuccessful in destroying The Interceptor it was able to damage the Ship's Ultrawarp Coil, preventing The Green Lantern's from leaving Frontier Space, and planted a tracking device that led the Red Lantern Corps ship Shard to their location.


  • If incapable of destroying a target the drone can attach tracking devices so that the target can later be found and destroyed by Red Lantern Corps.



  • The Drones are equipped with energy or laser weaponry coloured red, similar to the a Red Lantern Energy Blast.
  • They are capable of firing missiles that can cause server damage to the inner workings of spaceships.




  • It is explicitly stated that one of the drones in Beware My Power belongs to Razer. Whether he actually built them, supervised their construction or are simply a squad of them he commands is unknown.


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