Red Lantern Power Battery
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General Information
Official name: Red Lantern Power Battery
First Appearance: Green Lantern (Volume 4) #28
Type: Power Battery
Used by: Red Lantern Corps



The Red Lantern Power Battery was an advanced construct that served as a conduit to the power of Rage contained within the Red Lantern Central Power Battery. It was first forged following the Sinestro Corps War during the onset of the War of Light when Atrocitus freed himself on the prison world of Ysmault. In his anger, he slayed his fellow demon Qull of the Five Inversions and used his blood to anoint the first Red Lantern Power Battery. With it, he intended to get his vengeance on the Guardians of the Universe, Hal Jordan and most important of them all Sinestro for the crimes they had done to him. With the forging of the Power Battery, he began to assemble his own followers that became known as the Red Lantern Corps.

The Butcher contained.

The Blackest Night

Atrocitus used his Red Lantern Power Battery on Earth during the Blackest Night to recharge his Red Lantern Power Ring before battling Nekron. Atrocitus is shown keeping the battery in a pocket dimension close to his body, similar to the Green Lantern Corps and other Corps.

The Brightest Day

During the search for the Butcher Entity, the Red Lantern managed to track his quarry to a prison where convict Joshua Hayes was to be sentenced to death. The serial killer was responsible for killing a girl called Elizabeth which enraged her father James Kim who in turn became the host to the Butcher. During a battle with the Spectre, the Butcher empowered host managed to overwhelm the Spirit of Vengeance whereupon it killed Hayes. Using this opportunity, Atrocitus stabbed the host body and the weakened Rage Entity required a new host as its current one had lost its anger after achieving his goal of killing his daughter's killer. Thus, it sought to possess Atrocitus himself at which point it was exposed which allowed the Spectre to capture the Rage Entity whereupon the Red Lantern imprisoned it within his Power Battery for future transportation to Ysmault.


  • In 2012 Free Comic Book Day DC Comics: The New 52 #1, The "Black Room" in the USA, containing the world's most dangerous supernatural artifacts, holds one Red Lantern Power Battery.


  • It is thought that the Red Lantern Power Battery may used blood to recharge, however this has yet to be confirmed.


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