Red Lantern Power Battery
Zilius Zox and Atrocitus Red Lantern Power Battery GLTAS
General Information
Official name: Red Lantern Power Battery
First Appearance: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Type: Power Battery
Used by: Red Lantern Corps


Razer and A Red Lantern Power Battery GLTAS

Razer and A Red Lantern Power Battery


Only one portable Red Lantern Battery has been seen to date, Atrocitus' personal Power Battery seen in "Reckoning" and stolen by Razer. All other Red Lanterns use the Red Lantern Central Power Battery to recharge their Red Lantern Power Rings. Atrocitus used his portable Battery to charge the machinery interrogating Razer in "Reckoning", indicating that the red energy either caused Razer pain or drained life from him.


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Season OneEdit


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Difference From ComicsEdit

  • Atrocitus' personal Power Battery is the only one seen in The Animated Series. When Razer used it on the Interceptor to recharge, Aya attempted to change the recharging oath, seeing how Razer was affected by the words of the Red Lantern oath. Razer deceived her, indicating that the original oath is somehow required for recharging, perhaps by the mental state it induces in the wielder.


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