Red Lantern Power Ring
Red Lantern Power Ring Green Lantern The Animated Series
General Information
Official name: Red Lantern Power Ring
First Appearance: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Type: Power Ring
Used by: Red Lantern Corps



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Season OneEdit


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Difference From ComicsEdit

  • Unlike the DC Comics' Red Lantern Power Ring, the Green Lantern Animated Series' Red Lantern Power Ring does not consume the heart of the chosen, filling their arteries and veins with the red light, causing the corrosive "red vomit" characteristic of the Red Lanterns, and killing them if the Red Power Ring is ever removed. Although removing the Red Lantern Ring in the Animated Series is excruciatingly painful for the Red Lantern, they do not die.
  • "Rage Plasma" is deemed the most powerful attack of the Red Lanterns, used only when their rage is at their height. In the comics, this is their primary attack, and they normally do not have the ability to make other constructs of red light.


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