Red Lanterns #10
Red Lanterns-10 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Red Lanterns (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 10
First Published: June 6, 2012
Previous Issue: Red Lanterns #9
Next Issue: Red Lanterns #11

Synopsis for "Two Lanterns"Edit

Atrocitus detects Red Lantern energy, but warped, and believes is to be Abysmus. He lets out a stream of rage plasma and breaks into Stormwatch's Headquarters. Inside, the members of Stormwatch are experimenting on Skallox. Atrocitus wreaks havoc throughout the Eye of the Storm, Stromwatch's HQ. Martian Manhunter and two other members engage Atrocitus but are outmatched. Midnighter finds Dex-Starr, who jumps to attack him, and punches him. During the struggle with Atrocitus, Martian Manhunter takes an opening and reads his mind to learn where he came from. Atrocitus throws him off and detects a Red Lantern Power Ring, realizing this was the energy reading he detected before, which finds Skallox and revives him. Skallox tries to take revenge for Stormwatch removing his right hand. Stormwatch tells Atrocitus he can leave. Atrocitus leaves but tells them he will return.

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