Red Lanterns #11
Red Lanterns-11 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Red Lanterns (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 11
First Published: Jul 4, 2012
Previous Issue: Red Lanterns #10
Next Issue: Red Lanterns #12

Synopsis for "Love and Hate"Edit

A group of Green Lanterns led by Guy Gardner descend on Ysmault to find the planet tearing itself apart. A small force of Red Lanterns are being restrained on Zamaron by Fatality. She asks Bleez why they were planning to attack them and Bleez accuses her and the Star Sapphires of poisoning the Red Lantern Central Power Battery. One of the Red Lanterns' ring runs out of charge and the rage plasma in his veins causes him to turn into ash. Fatality tells them that she will try to save the female RLs by converting them. Zilius Zox at first calls her crazy then asks why its only the females who get salvation. Bleez breaks through her chains and she and Fatality begin fist fighting. Bleez mixes her rage plasma blood with Fatality's. Rankorr wakes up on an asteroid and looks around seeing absolutely celestial bodies nearby. Atrocitus is searching worlds where Abysmus has been rumored to have been. He cuts the throat of one of the Six Tyrants and casts a blood prophecy. Fatality tries to convert Bleez inside a crystal dome but her rage overcomes the crystal. Rankorr comes upon a field of dead Red Lanterns. Atrocitus's blood prophecy is not working so he offers his own blood then Abysmus appears and they fight each other.

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