Red Lanterns #14
Red Lanterns-14 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Red Lanterns (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 14
First Published: November 28, 2012
Previous Issue: Red Lanterns #13
Next Issue: Red Lanterns #15

Synopsis for "Home Is Where The Heart Is"Edit

Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns are in the thick of it with The Third Army on the planet Arhtky after discovering a potential weakness in their foes. Given the directive to target the eyes of the Third Army the Red Lanterns gain the upper hand, except for Rankorr who has trouble taking another life, especially when he perceives some remnants of the soul of Taya, the poor girl who was assimilated. In the end the human Red Lantern puts it aside and employs the tactic despite his misgivings. Departing for Ysmault with some of the remains, Atrocitus performs some blood magic on them to learn not only their connection to the Guardians of the Universe but also of their ignorance of non-organic matter. As Atrocitus hands out missions to Bleez, Zilius Zox, Dex-Starr, and Skallox to strengthen their weakened central power battery they are attacked by a mutated creature which emerges from the Blood Ocean, leading to the conclusion that they need a synthetic armor to fight against the Third Army. With Ratchet left behind to guard their battery Rankorr is sent to Earth to face the source of his rage in hopes that it will allow him to at last become a "true" Red Lantern. Bleez chooses to join him and the two are followed by the revenge driven Dex-Starr who has the memory of his defeat by Midnighter foremost in his feline mind. Upon their arrival on Earth, Rankorr is stunned by how small everything seems to him now, leading to a bit of reflective conversation between the human and Bleez. Atrocitus arrives on Ryut with the goal of finding the remains of the Manhunters who destroyed his planet to use to create his synthetic army. The wounds of the past boil to the surface quickly and suddenly it seems as if Atrocitus is forced to relive the destruction of his world once again as the issue comes to a close with hundreds of Manhunters raining down upon the planet.

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