Red Lanterns #16
Red Lanterns-16 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Red Lanterns (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 16
First Published: January 30, 2013
Previous Issue: Red Lanterns #15
Next Issue: Red Lanterns #17

Synopsis for "Once Were Enemies"Edit

Under the instruction of an Alpha Manhunter the surrounding horde of Manhunters attack Atrocitus, but the Red Lantern makes quick work of the leader and they suddenly stop attacking, allowing Atrocitus to make his play for leadership. On Earth, Rankorr is on the verge of taking revenge on his grandfather's killer, but Bleez tries to appeal to the human's darker nature by proposing a long, slow death for him. When that fails and Rankorr strikes him down a vision of his grandfather arises to chastise Rankorr for not following Bleez's idea. Back on Ryutt, Atrocitus kills a number of creatures that also lie under the surface and uses their blood to mark and control the Manhunters, sending them off to Oa. The task leaves the Red Lantern weak, wondering what's keeping their central power battery from gaining strength under the watchful eye of Ratchet. Ratchet has burrowed beneath the surface of Ysmault in search of the source for the power drain on the battery having abandoned his notion that the planet was suffering from a form of anemia. Ratchet eventually falls into the clutches of Roixaeume and the rest of the Five Inversions. Bleez's friendly overtures to Rankorr are revealed to be nothing more than veiled attempts for power by getting him to share his blood with her so that she might be able to create constructs with her ring. Bleez pours on the vixen routine to try to seal the deal, but Rankorr rejects her, and she makes sure he knows she is now his greatest threat. The Manhunters arrive on Oa while Atrocitus has traveled to Maltus, the original homeworld of the Guardians and the Zamarons. Deep under the surface Atrocitus and a small group of Manhunters discover what the Guardians hid there,The Great Heart. As the issue comes to a close Atrocitus is confronted by the living memory of none other than Krona.

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  • Baxter (Dies in This Issue)




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