Red Lanterns #5
Red Lanterns-5 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Red Lanterns (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 5
First Published: January 4, 2012
Previous Issue: Red Lanterns #4
Next Issue: Red Lanterns #6

Synopsis for "Kronamania"Edit

Atrocitus chases down Bleez and brutally interrogates her about what she did with Krona's body as there are no other possible suspects. Bleez counters with the notion that maybe Krona wasn't taken but was really alive. Atrocitus tells Bleez to go into the Blood Ocean and retrieve Zilius Zox, Ratchet, and Skallox. As she dives in and retrieves Ratchet first we learn more of Ratchet's origin. After being apprehended by the isolation police, he was sentenced to 80 years of solitude. After two years, his tendrils are amputated so he can no longer feel the tiny world of his cell. On year fourteen, he goes on a hunger strike and robots force drips down his throat. By year twenty, hatred had become his constant companion. On year forty, the hallucinations began. When he can no longer tell what's real, the Red Ring finds him and he feels a new life as he grows a new tendril. Atrocitus is scouring Ysmault for Krona when he finds some tracks and is ambushed when he goes to investigate. He is able to overtake his attacker but the smoke surrounding the scene blocks the reader from seeing who it is. Ratchet asks Bleez why they are there after she fishes Zillius Zox out of the Blood Ocean. Bleez tells him that their mission is to seek vengeance for those who have been violated and wronged. Skallox relives his nightmare of being thrust into an oven by the people to whom he had sworn his loyalty. As he burns his rage grows enough to call the Red Ring to him. As Zillius Zox threatens Ratchet for talking too much, Atrocitus interrupts them and tells them to hunt down Krona then recites The Red Lantern Corps Oath. On Earth, Raymond Moore is being dragged away by the police and resisting. When he hits one in the nose, they start beating him to death with their nightsticks. John walks over and kneels by his brother's body and feels a surge of rage and self-loathing which pulls a Red Ring to him and turns him into Rankorr.

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