Red Lanterns #9
Red Lanterns-9 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Red Lanterns (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 9
First Published: May 2, 2012
Previous Issue: Red Lanterns #8
Next Issue: Red Lanterns #10

Synopsis for "Exodus"Edit

On the planet Sarff Minor, Bleez and a small force of Red Lanterns decimate a group of slavers and sometimes cannibals. On Ysmault, Rankorr faces Zilius Zox and Ratchet who still believe he has infected them. He tries to scare them off using constructs from his ring. Atrocitus stops their squabbling and tells Zilius that someone has poisoned the Red Lanterns, and he suspects it to be Abysmus. Bleez arrives and extends an invitation to join her to anyone tired of following Atrocitus. This sparks a fight between both groups. The planet itself starts to tear itself apart and Rankorr tells the Red Lanterns to stop fighting. Seeing the Red Lantern Central Power Battery has been destroyed, Atrocitus explains that without it the Red rings will eventually lose their charge and they will die because the rings replaced their hearts when they joined the Red Lantern Corps. Rankorr tries to take off the ring when everyone else is focused on the Central Battery and experiences great pain. He realizes his only chance of survival is with the Red Lanterns. On the planet of Hummb, Abysmus torments some children and thinks how he now feels nothing and that is exactly what Atrocitus wanted him to be but that will be his own undoing now. Atrocitus decrees that to survive, the Red Lanterns must abandon Ysmault. He informs Bleez that Abysmus couldn't have been working alone and if they find their true enemy they can cure the Central Battery and save themselves. Ratchet suggests Sinestro but Atrocitus says he would have attacked with an army and asks about Invictus but Bleez says he would have planted his statue on Ysmault if it was him. Bleez says that she believes the Star Sapphires are the culprits. Atrocitus sends her after them.

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