General Information
Real name: Xum
First Appearance: Green Lantern #108 (September,1978)
Created by: Denny O'Neil
Mike Grell
Affiliations: TBA
Abilities: Metamorphosis
Portrayed by: TBA



Xum is from an unknown alien race whose planet was destroyed millions of years ago. Determined to continue his race, Xum looking for a world fit for children to generate, the Earth, but the only way the Earth is a planet suitable, is to turn in an atmosphere similar to that of your planet for it would have to destroy the ozone layer and destroy all life. So Xum changes its gaseous form to a humanoid, assuming the identity of Andre, to approach Carol Ferris to learn about the Earth and the Justice League. Ultimately, Hal Jordan, Green Arrow and Black Canary thwarted the Replikon plans, forcing him to an asteroid belt where he found more Green Lanterns, who built a world inside the belt where Replikon it became entangled. Replikon gave birth to Sachi and Yukinori, an the family of three lived happily until a certain time.

Fractures and Ruin

He recently returned to Earth, where they fought with Superman in Metropolis, inexplicably died moments after being defeated. Shortly after the children of Xum willfight with Superman, who notes how they act strangely, the evidence suggested that the Replikons were controlled by someone, with great interest in he and with the help of Hal Jordan, the shipowners plan Ruin was destroyed.

Powers and Abilities




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  • Its Original Form is Gaseous.
  • Apparently He can Reproduce Asexually.

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