General Information
Real name: Romat-Ru
First Appearance: Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special #1 (August, 2007)
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ethan Van Sciver
Ivan Reis
Affiliations: Sinestro Corps
Sector: Space Sector 2813
Home Planet: Xudar
Abilities: Intimidation



Romat-Ru was the most vile serial killer in Xudar's history, leading to his induction into the Sinestro Corps. When Romat-Ru was arrested on a minor charge, police investigated his house. What they found were the bones of thousands of Xudarian children. Sentenced to life imprisonment, Romat-Ru was being transported to prison when a Qwardian Power Ring inducted him into the Sinestro Corps.

The Sinestro Corps War

Romat-Ru took part in the battle of Earth, but fled when Sinestro was captured and the Anti-Monitor was killed. Some months later, Romat-Ru joined a group of Sinestro loyalists who tried to free Sinestro when he was being transferred to Korugar for execution. The Sinestro Corps attacked the Green Lanterns escorting Sinestro, but were in turn attacked by Atrocitus. Romat-Ru regrouped with the other survivors and lead another rescue on Ysmault, which was successful. When they returned to Qward, Romat-Ru and Tekik gave Sinestro a status report on the Corps' recent events, including the Zamarons capturing of several female Sinestro Corps members and Mongul II's efforts to usurp Sinestro. Although Romat-Ru was eager to see Mongul suffer, he followed Sinestro's orders to rescue the female Sinestro Corps members and regroup on Daxam's moon while Sinestro investigated a "family" matter.

The Blackest Night

Romat-Ru participated in the invasion of Zamaron to free the captive Sinestro Corpsmen there. Following Sinestro's defeat of Mongul, he followed the directive to escape from Qward with the rest of the Sinestro Corps and form up on Korugar where Sinestro called the temporary truce with the Green Lanterns to combat the Blackest Night. He later took part in the battle above earth against Nekron's hordes of Black Lanterns from the reformed planet Xanshi, and then against Nekron himself in Coast City.

The Brightest Day

Romat-Ru was one of the many Sinestro Corpsmen gathered on Korugar, ready to invade Qward after the Weaponer robbed Sinestro of his dignity.

Sinestro Corps Civil War

Romat Ru was one of the many members of the Sinestro Corps that were tracked down and offered the option of serving with Soranik Natu's new version of the corps. However, when green lantern and fellow Xudarian Tomar-Tu and redeemed corps woman Fantas-M cornered him and offered him service or prison, he taunted both of them. He stated that like him, Fantas-M was a murderer and it was only a matter of time before she returned to her evil ways. He then told Tomar Tu that he would break free from prison eventually and when he did he would kill Xudarian children. In response to this, Tomar Tu incinerated him with a beam of green light, killing the yellow lantern and capturing his ring.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Intimidation: With his massive body count, Romat-Ru is able to "instill great fear" in others.





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