Saint Walker
Saint Walker GLTAS
General Information
Real name: Saint Walker
Media: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Portrayed by: Phil Morris (Voice)
Equipment: Blue Lantern Power Ring
Blue Lantern Power Battery


Blue Lantern Saint Walker and Kilowog GLTAS

Blue Lantern Saint Walker and Kilowog


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"Lost Planet"

When Razer explored the mysterious planet with Hal Jordan and Killowog, he came across a graveyard of starships. When Razer realized the planet that they were on had numerous abandoned starships, he was met by a mysterious being calling himself Saint Walker. The humanoid person used a form of marital arts to keep the Red Lantern from attacking him, successfully dodging Razer's attacks until Razer quit out of frustration.

Saint Walker and A Blue Lantern Power Battery GLTAS

Saint Walker and A Blue Lantern Power Battery


When Atrocitus came for the evil shipwrecked survivors on Mogo, Saint Walker attempted to stop them. He was halted by Mogo, who told him to "climb" a nearby mountain instead. Saint Walker objected, saying he had vowed to stop the Red Lanterns, and that the universe needed a savior, but Mogo was insistent. Saint Walker climbed the mountain to the clouds and found no one. No savior from the Red Lanterns. Saint Walker refused to give up, telling Mogo "all will be well". At that instant a Blue Lantern Power Battery appeared and offered him a Blue Lantern Power Ring.

Powers and Abilities

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Season One


  • Saint Walker in "Lost Planet" did not have a Blue Lantern Power Ring, nor did he associate himself with the Blue Lantern Corps. This is because it was a pre-chosen appearance of Bro'Dee Walker.
  • It is interesting to note that the extra Green Lantern Power Ring that Saint Walker carried did not choose Saint Walker for the Green Lantern Corps, choosing Mogo instead.
  • Much like his comic book counterpart, Saint Walker had to climb a mountain to its' highest peak in the clouds in order to prove his belief. His reward was the first Blue Lantern Power Ring.


  • If you look closely at Saint Walker in "Invasion" after he climbs the mountain, he is blinking his eyes with two sets of eyelids, one vertical and one horizontal. This was first done in the first "Men In Black" movie with an alien that Jay chased to a rooftop. Agent K explained that the alien was using his eyelids as gills - he was "breathing hard".


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