General Information
Real name: Sayd
First Appearance: Green Lantern (Film)
Affiliations: Guardians of the Universe
Abilities: Enhanced Intellect
Vast Mental Capabilities
Green Energy-Manipulation



Sayd is one of the immortal Guardians of the Universe. Countless Eons ago, the mysterious and ancient Guardians of the Universe took up the charge to protect the universe and safeguard it against chaos and evil. Sayd was amongst their ranks, and helped to build Oa, divide the universe into 3600 sectors, and harness the limitless energy of Will to power their justice enforcing organisation, the Green Lantern Corps. She also participated in the creation and distribution of the Power Rings and their batteries, and has since been guiding the universe along with her brethren from the Oan Citadel.

The Green Lantern MovieEdit

Sayd was present in the Guardian Council throughout the film, and listened to many of the events that took place during the film as they were related by Sinestro. Although she remained silent like most of the Guardians throughout the film, she did give explanations in conjunction with Ganthet, relating the tale of their once fellow Guardian, Krona, as he became Parallax and was subsequently imprisoned, and then released. She later participated in the creation of the yellow power ring, which she and her brethren unwillingly created on the advice of Sinestro that they required a new weapon against Parallax. She notably informed Hal Jordan when he begged the Guardians to help him save his planet, that as the Guardians of the Universe, it was their duty to take into account the safety of the universe at large, and could not risk all for the sake of one planet, but did allow Jordan to stand alone if he wished.


Sayd, like her fellow Guardians, was a diminutive, blue-skinned humanoid with a large cranium and blue eyes. Unlike her brethren however, she possessed several bands of metal that served an unknown purpose running back from her forehead to the rear of her skull. Her clothing consisted of the standard deep-red robe of the Guardians, and the golden armour with the Green lantern symbol gilded onto the chest with a green gem making up the centre of the symbol.

Sayd, like her brethren, was cold and logical, however she and her fellow Guardians have been defending the universe for countless eons, and have a genuine regard for the safety of all life. Her emotionlessness and unwillingness to impart too much information to those outside the Guardian council often infuriated Sinestro, who desired more information in order to effectively combat the organisations enemies.


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