Sector House Alpha
General Information
Official name: Sector House Alpha
Created by: Tony Bedard
Ardian Syaf
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps #49
Planet: Grenda



Sector House Alpha was a Green Lantern Sector House constructed on the surface of the planet Grenda in Space Sector 3009 following the end of The Blackest Night. It was not sanctioned by the Guardians of the Universe and was in fact kept secret from Oa itself. After the defeat of Nekron, the Lord of the Unliving, the former Grandmaster of the Manhunters abandoned his ties to the androids and instead sought to corrupt the Alpha Lantern Corps in order to find a means to become Human once more. To that end, he used his talents to secretly subvert the Alpha Lanterns to serve him alone instead of their Oan masters. With that complete, he commanded them to construct a Sector House on Grenda that was home to the new drill instructor of the Green Lantern Corps; Stel.

Once it was complete, the Cyborg taking the name of Alpha Prime used the facility as a secret base of operations where he conducted the forcful conversion of Green Lanterns into new Alpha Lanterns as part of his plan to draw out Ganthet and used his advanced knowledge to convert an Alpha Lantern back to their organic self so the process could be conducted on Henshaw himself. To that end, he used his technopathy to pacify the native Grendans and defeat their champion Stel as well after which he had Alpha Lantern Boodikka draw John Stewart to the Sector House where she used her Alpha Lantern Power Battery to drain his Green Lantern Power Ring of its energy leaving him powerless. Taking him prisoner, Henshaw began the process to convert Stewart into an Alpha Lantern at Sector House Alpha.

Battle at GrendaEdit

After learning of Stewart's capture, Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu and Ganthet went to Grenda to investigate where they were attacked by the Alpha Lanterns. Despite the attack, they managed to penetrate into the inner sancum of Sector House Alpha and stop the Cyborg from performing the cosmic surgery needed to turn Stewart into an Alpha Lantern. Though in the process, Ganthet was captured and Henshaw forced him to perform experiments on converted Alpha Lanterns in the Sector House after causing the death of Glibberquip. Ganthet desperately attempted to complete the surgery but his first subject, Hraalkar, who died when the Cyborg terminated him during the failure to implant a mechanical heart. Afterwards, Horoq Nnot became the next subject where he managed to successfully remove her integrated Power Battery. But before the process could be conducted on Henshaw, Sector House Alpha came under attack from the Green Lantern Corps with their Grendan allies. Soranik Natu, during the battle, managed to journey inside to rescue Stel and Ganthet with the latter recharging his Power Ring where they finally battled the Cyborg who was seemingly killed in the fight.


  • The fate of the Sector House is unknown.


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