Sector House
General Information
Official name: Sector House
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #2
Type: Structure
Used by: Green Lantern Corps



Whilst Oa was the headquarters of the reborn Green Lantern Corps, the resurrected Guardians of the Universe had spread their 7200 Green Lanterns across the 3600 sectors of known space. In order for their agents to better serve in their assigned duties, special structures were created known as Sector Houses that were shaped as Green Lantern Power Battery's which were used to hold captives in custody in order to brought to Oa for confinement in a Sciencell. In addition to this purpose, they served as recreational centers as well as meeting places for Green Lanterns of neighboring sectors. A warning system within these spaceborne buildings notified the Green Lantern Power Ring wearers of any troubles within the sector.

Sinestro Corps War and AftermathEdit

During the Sinestro Corps War, the Sinestro Corps led a devastating surprise assault against the Green Lantern Corps. A number of Green Lanterns attempted to take shelter inside a Sector House located in Space Sector 2263. Whilst the conflict continued, the Sinestro Corps also attacked and destroyed the Lantern House at Space Sector 191

A Sector House near Space Sector 1111 later sent a distress signal which was received by Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu and a number of other Green Lanterns who reported to Salaak where they discovered that someone was snatching the children of members of the Green Lantern Corps. After being assigned their new assignment, they quickly moved to the Sector House where the signal had been sent. When they reached the Sector House, they discovered various Green Lanterns killed and Amnee Pree rushed to the Lantern House in order to save a child from Kryb. During a firefight between the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corpsmen, the Sector House exploded in green light and was dislodged from its position whereupon it began heading towards the local planetary body. It later crashed on that world but its occupants survived and later continued their fight on that planet.

In Space Sector 2815, Sodam Yat's mother had arrived at the Sector House in that region of space in order to plead for the help of her son and fellow Green Lantern Arisia. She later informed them that Mongul II had taken various Sinestro Corpsmen under his command who were terrorising Daxam as well as its native inhabitants the Daxamites.


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