Shadow Demons
General Information
Founder(s): Anti-Monitor
Leader(s): Anti-Monitor
Current Members: Anti-Monitor
Former Members: Anti-Monitor
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Anti-Matter Universe



Shadow Demons were dark shadow-like beings that were native to the Anti-Matter Universe. They were actually created by the Anti-Monitor from the ranks of the elite Thunderers of Qward. The greatest of their warriors were chosen to serve their master and were transformed into creatures of shadow that were composed of pure anti-matter. Armies of such creatures were assemlbed as part of a massive cosmic plan of destroying all of the Multiverse.

Crisis of the Infinite EarthsEdit

During the Crisis, these black assassins were dispatched to protect the cosmic tuning forks that the Anti-Monitor had created. They were also dispatched to fight against the forces of the Monitor who had assembled various superheroes to fight against the Anti-Monitor's efforts. Shadow Demons were instrumental in the time displaced battle in Markovia 1943 which led to the deaths of the Losers. During the climatic battle on Earth, millions of Shadow Demons were unleashed who killed numerous superheroes with their mere touch. Among the dead included the original Dove who was the brother of Hawk. Superheroes such as Firestorm were among the individuals that had experience fighting these creatures.

The Brightest DayEdit

After The Blackest Night, a group of formerly deceased superheroes were resurrected by the White Lantern Power Battery. Each was given a set purpose to fulfill as part of a grand plan to save the planet Earth. Among these was Ronnie Raymond who was bonded to the Firestorm Matrix once more after being resurrected. Whilst attempting to understand his purpose, the Black Lantern Deathstorm formed as its own entity and was commanded by the Anti-Monitor to deliver the White Lantern Power Battery to him. During a power spike in his abilities, Firestorm accidently transported himself unknowingly to the Anti-Matter Universe. The two bonded heroes only saw a great darkness and Raymond immediately realised that they were within a nest of Shadow Demons. Unleashing their power, they dissipated the creatures whereupon they headed for Qward to fulfill their purpose.


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In Other MediaEdit

  • Shadow Demons make their first animated appearance in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights where they are shown to be servants of Krona. Manifesting in a tear in Oa's sun, they were responsible for killing a Green Lantern. Afterwards, enire hordes of such creatures were created from the portal into the Anti-Matter Universe and their touch even kills Green Lanterns if their shields do not fully protect them. Krona sends vast hordes of Shadow Demons in his fight until he is defeated.


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