General Information
Official name: Shard
First Appearance: Beware My Power
Type: Gigantic Asteroid and Space Ship
Used by: Red Lantern Corps

"That's right, Zilius. Shard is sacred ground, a piece of the remains of our world whichthe Guardians attempted to erase from the universe.: Atrocitus to Zilius Zox



Shard was a gigantic asteroid that was converted into a spaceship of immense firepower. It is the base of operations of The Red Lantern Corps. According to Atrocitus Shard used to be part of his homeworld until The Guardians destroyed it. At some point after it's destruction this asteroid was converted into a space ship, capable of accommodating and transporting Members of The Red Lantern Corps across frontier space.

Beware My PowerEdit

It was later used to drop a tower onto a colony where the Green Lanterns, Kilowog, Hal Jordan and Shyir Rev, were resting. After dropping the tower it moved into orbit and escaped the destruction of the colony.


The Interceptor managed to trail Shard during its voyages in space and remained undetected where they intended to get as much intelligence as possible for an eventual assault by Green Lantern reinforcements. However, Razor decided to enter the ship where he claimed he had returned after escaping Green Lantern custody only to use the attempt to assassinate Atrocitus. However, Atrocitus had foreseen possible betrayal and Razor was captured. This led to Jordan, Kilowog and Aya staging a rescue mission where they hid among asteroids that were destroyed by the Shards defensive batteries whereupon they snuck into a waste port. They later managed to rescue Razor though Atrocitus caught Aya who was in the process of downloading the ships database. He took her shattered body to Battery Square where he dared his foes to face him. Razor ultimately fought Atrocitus and saved Aya after which they escaped Shard in the Interceptor.


  • On the underside of Shard are immense towers that can be deployed onto planet from high altitude, acting as instant fortress's for The Red Lantern Corps to use. They are equipped with legs to alter their position and started themselves and an enormous holographic projector to make announcements to the inhabitants of the planet they're dropped on.


  • Shard has been shown to be capable of firing Red Energy blasts that can destroy any free floating asteroids in its way. The full capacity and power of said blast hasn't been seen.
  • Perhaps Shard's most frightening weapons are the Liberators, bombs that, when activated, can destroy an entire planet in a few seconds.



Season OneEdit


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