Siege Tower
General Information
Official name: Siege Tower
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Rise of The Manhunters
Type: Starship
Used by: Manhunters



Siege Towers were large pillar shaped starships that were utilized by the Manhunters. They floated across the battlefield with thrusters present on the lower side and the command point situated at the top. Numerous weapon ports allowed them to fire powerful blasts of energy at their target. The core of the vessel was protected by armored plating which shielded it from attackers. The door shields protecting the core were capable of re-energising but if damaged, they opened to allow access to the core thus allowing an attacker to destroy the Siege Tower. When approaching the surface, their sides were able to deploy anchors that fixed them to nearby points which further protected them from attacks against the core.

Rise of The ManhuntersEdit

During their assault on Oa, the Manhunters made use of Siege Towers that were targeting the entire city and allowed the machines to be present at key strategic points. Kilowog informed Hal Jordan of this threat and informed him to eliminate the starships. After breaking the protective plating, he managed to destroy the core thus eliminating the initial Siege Tower. Another four Siege Towers were present during the steelheads push towards the Hall of Great Service as the Manhunters attempted to lay claim to the Book of Oa.



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