Sinestro of Sector 3189
Snap Trap
General Information
Real name: Snap Trap
First Appearance: Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special #1
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ethan Van Sciver
Affiliations: Sinestro Corps
Sector: Space Sector 3189

History Edit


Snap Trap is a magenta, humanoid, crocodile member of the Sinestro Corps. He is well known throughout space for luring victims towards him with a hypnotic stare. Once in range, he uses his extremely large jaws to bite down on the victim's skull and crush it, using his long tongue to draw out the victim's spine. Somehow, the victim is left alive and in unendurable pain.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Qwardian Power Ring: Members of the Sinestro Corps use yellow power rings built on Qward. The rings can create objects based on the wielders own thoughts. The power rings are fuelled by fear instead of willpower. The yellow rings are charged by Manhunter androids that have yellow power batteries built into themselves, which in turn are connected to a large yellow Power Battery based on Qward. The rings have no known weaknesses, unlike a Green Lantern power ring's previous vulnerability to yellow. Also, the yellow rings are not restricted from killing sentient beings as the Green Lantern's power rings were.


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