Star Sapphire Power Battery
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General Information
Official name: Star Sapphire Power Battery
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 4 #20
Type: Power Battery
Used by: Star Sapphire Corps

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Created as a means to lessen the Star Sapphire Gem's influence over the wielder by separating it into a ring and battery. When the Star Sapphire Gem discovered that Hal Jordan had feelings for both Carol Ferris and Jillian Pearlman, the Zamarons arrived to force Hal to chose one of them as his mate. Hal instead kissed one of the Zamarons, tricking the Star Sapphire into attaching onto her. The other Zamarons were forced to subdue their sister and return her to Zamaron, where they could remove the Sapphire safely. After the procedure, the Zamarons were contronted with the reality that the Star Sapphire suppressed the host. Deciding to take a page from the Book of Oa, the Zamarons reformed the Sapphire into a Star Sapphire Ring, creating a Star Sapphire Battery to power the ring when it needed recharging. The Star Sapphire Power Battery is connected to the original Star Sapphire housed in the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery located on Zamaron.

The Blackest Night[edit | edit source]

Carol Ferris is shown keeping the battery in a pocket dimension close to her body, similar to the Green Lantern Corps and other Corps. She is shown recharging her Star Sapphire Power Ring after the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery on Zamaron was destroyed.

4 Lanterns from Pocket Dimensions

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