The Territorial Edict was an internal law given by the Guardians of the Universe over the officers of the Green Lantern Corps. The Edict made it against Corps regulation for officers to venture into the Space Sectors of other Green Lanterns. The Edict was later revoked by the Guardians a short time after Hal Jordan joined the Green Lantern Corps, and possibly as a result of him.


The Territorial Edict made it against Corps. regulation for officers to trespass in the sectors of other lanterns. Despite it being implied that the edict made it illegal for Lanterns to cross sectors at all, Sinestro of Space Sector 1417 was able to trespass into Space Sector 2814 for a great deal of time before the Guardians ordered him and Hal Jordan to Oa. This may have been in part because of Ganthet's involvement. The likely explanation is that there is a time limit that can not be exceeded included in the edict, as Hal and Sinestro's rings both say "Time Allotment Exceeded"

The penalty for disobeying the edict appears to be direct reprimand from the Guardians themselves, the actual punishment or lack thereof being up to them. Several characters are noted to mention the Guardian's wrath being the ominous punishment for disobeying it.

The Edict itself was passed for a number reasons, but only one of which was ever revealed and stressed. The Guardians believed that allowing Lanterns to sort out problems within their own sectors would strengthen their wills. At the same time however, the edict was used as a buffer between sentients that might forge rebellion against the Corps. if they were allowed to congregate. The reason for this is because of a lasting memory of the Manhunter robots that glitched and rebelled against the Guardians, making the immortal founders wary of a repeat amongst beings that can think for themselves. As with most laws and rules set in place, the hidden, less virtuous reason was that which was focused on, and contributed to its later repeal.


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