The Anomaly
General Information
Official name: The Anomaly
Created by: Justin Jordan
Brad Walker
First Appearance: Green Lantern: New Guardians (Vol 1) #21



The Anomaly was a region located at the very edge of the universe where it was an area of space-time sealed around differing physics. The Oans were noted to had been worried by the presence of this defect in space prior to the Templar Guardians being placed as wardens of the Chamber of Shadows. Speculation held that it was a fragment of the old universe namely the one that preceded the current one. Such individuals believed that existence underwent a number of births with new universes being formed. Thus, the Anomaly was something that remained from the prior universe and its nature was created due to the current universe's reaction towards it. As such, it essentially acted as a cyst in the fabric of reality. Exeter at some point served as a guardian to the Anomaly which he held as both dangerous as whatever lay within could not be understood yet at the same time it was glorious to behold. It remained in this undisturbed state for countless centuries.

Edge of The UniverseEdit

Following the defeat of Volthoom, the Templar Guardians became the new leaders of the Green Lantern Corps. However, after being locked away for millennia, they decided to relinquish leadership of the Green Lanterns to Hal Jordan. Instead, they intended to journey through the universe and better understand events affecting the galaxy before they could reclaim their position as Guardians of the Universe. One of the events in the cosmos that concerned them was the presence of The Anomaly and they asked Kyle Rayner to accompany them on their travels. Upon arriving at the site, they witnessed a large fleet of ships that were also studying the Anomaly. However, they were barred by the protector of the defect in space who called himself Exeter. He disapproved of the actions of the former Guardians and their self-appointed role as defenders of the cosmos leading him to attack the Templar Guardians. Kyle Rayner was forced to fight the alien but The White Light of Creation who was using fed a portion of the Anomaly which shattered revealing the entity known as Relic who was freed from his imprisonment.


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