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The Black, according to prophecy, was a force that existed into the universe many eons ago before the dawn of sentient life, and battled The White Light of Creation over the fate of the universe. The Black is wielded, if not embodied by Nekron, Lord of the Unliving, and is set apart as the main opposition to the various divisions of the Light based Corps. The Black embodies the opposite of the White Light; Death and Impassiveness.

Nekron[edit | edit source]

The Black existed as a force that was driven back from the universe by the White Light before it divided into the seven individual lights of emotion, which was created as a biproduct of sentient thought. It is unknown where the Black disappeared to, or whether it was destroyed, but it is thought to have been banished to a purgatory realm, as that is where the Death Lord Nekron has been sealed, according to him, since he can remember. Nekron has made numerous attempts to gain access to the living universe, but has been thwarted multiple times.

The Blackest Night[edit | edit source]

At the end of the Sinestro Corps. War, the Anti-Monitor killed one of the Guardians by severely burning her with his anti-matter touch. Unbeknownst even to her, she was kept "alive" under the influence of the Black, and bound over time to Nekron's will. The Anti-Monitor himself was thrown across the universe to the planet Ryut, where he was encased within the Black Lantern Central Power Battery to serve as a power source for Nekron's later designs. Over time, Scar, as the Guardian came to name herself, began to influence her fellow Guardians from within, directly suggesting and passing a number of long term bad decisions that would hamper the effectiveness of the Green Lanterns in the coming Blackest Night, and rile the other Corps. into a large War of Light.

Using the forces of the Black, Scar foresaw parts of the future, and put into motion the events that would lead to Nekron being raised. This included the death and resurrection of the herald of death, William "Black" Hand, the destruction of the Oan defence systems, the capture of the only force that posed a significant threat; the Guardians, the unleashing of the Black Rings and strategic implementation of the Black Lanterns against the various Corps., and brought the Central Black Battery to Earth for William Hand to raise Nekron from. The Black rose again as a significant force in the universe, when Nekron rose into the living Universe, and used the power of the Guardians to summon forth the embodiment of Life, The Life Entity.

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