The Chamber of Shadows
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General Information
Official name: The Chamber of Shadows
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ethan Van Sciver
Pete Woods
First Appearance: Green Lantern Annual (Vol 5) #1

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Chamber of Shadows was the name of a prison that was crafted by the Guardians of the Universe. Its formation was made early in their history when the Oans decided to bring order to a chaotic cosmos. During this time, great power was imparted onto a being that they called The First Lantern but they were ultimately forced to imprison this being. According to Krona, the Guardians betrayed the First Lantern and locked him within a Lantern shaped device which in turn was placed within the Chamber of Shadows which was a cube shaped stony prison with numerous chains encompassing it. To ensure the First Lantern was kept contained, a group of the Guardians known as The Hidden Ones decided to remain within the prison to ensure that their prisoner was never unleashed. Once done, the Hidden Ones remained trapped within the Chamber of Shadows as wardens whilst the Guardians embarked on saving the universe by unleashing their android Manhunters as a police force to fight against the chaos in the universe.

Rise of The Third Army[edit | edit source]

After the War of The Green Lanterns, the Guardians concluded that the successor of the Manhunters, the Green Lantern Corps, had failed in their appointed duty. As a result, the Oans decided to embark on their next plan which was replacing the Green Lanterns with a Third Army. Such a plan was conducted in secrecy whilst the Guardians intended to eliminate the Green Lantern Corps and those Corps created from the War of Light. Knowledge of the First Lantern and the Chamber of Shadows was also contained in the Book of The Black that had no owner after the fall of Nekron during The Blackest Night. Following that point, the Guardians traveled to the Chamber of Shadows in order to retrieve The First Lantern and met with the Hidden Ones. However, the Hidden Ones refused to allow the Oans to retrieve their prisoner due to the dangers posed by him but Reegal was mortally wounded whilst the Guardians left with their prize. Once they departed, the Guardians journeyed to Earth where they empowered the freed Black Hand to destroy Sinestro and Hal Jordan. With the two "Renegade" Green Lanterns killed, Black Hand was imprisoned in the Chamber of Shadows by the Oans who intended to use him as their agent to bring order by the elimination of free will in the universe.

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