Green Lantern Corps
General Information
Official name: The Corpse
Founder(s): Guardians of the Universe
Leader(s): Von Daggle
Current Members: R'amey Holl
Former Members: Guy Gardner
Allies: Guardians of the Universe
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard
Status: Secret
Base of Operations: Mobile
Place of Formation: Oa


The Corpse Power Source.


Founded by a rogue Guardian and commanded by Von Daggle, "The Corpse" is an elite, top-secret black ops division of the Green Lantern Corps. They are not restricted by the same rules that regular Lanterns follow, and they perform the darkest, most dangerous missions. They do not use Power Rings; instead, they swallow special coin-like disks that give them all of the powers of the standard ring for a limited time. These disks produce purple energy instead of the traditional green. Members of the "Corpse" do not wear Green Lantern uniforms, or display the Green Lantern symbol. Instead, they seem to prefer black uniforms that have no symbol. Very few Lanterns are even aware of the existence of the "Corpse". Guy Gardner said that in all of his years in the Corps, he never heard of them.

The Black Ops Division

An elite, top secret, “Black-ops” division, “The Corpse” handle the darkest and most dangerous missions facing the Green Lanterns. The members of the Corpse follow different rules than normal Lanterns, and in fact most don’t even know of their existence. One example being that they were not bound by the use of Lethal Force even before the SCW. (Gardner mentioned during a mission with them that he’d never heard of the Corpse, and after the mission his memory of them was erased.) Not much is known about the Corpse, though what is known pertains simply to their duties. Members of the Corpse do not use power rings like most Lanterns; instead they are given coin-like disks which when swallowed give them all of the same abilities for a limited amount of time. The energy produced by these disks is purple, as opposed to the usual green (It could be that the light has been configured by the disks to be purple so as not to draw attention to the Green Lantern Corps., though with he revelations about the EES, it is unknown how this is achieved or what it signifies). Corpsemen do not wear the traditional green of other Lanterns, and under no conditions do they don the symbol. They tend to instead wear black uniforms that have no symbols, appropriate for their station. With the recent authorization of Lethal Force against Sinestro Corps members and other enemies of the Lanterns after the war, the need for the continuation of the Corpse is in question by some. Though their will likely remain a need for those who work in the shadows.




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