The Foundry
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General Information
Official name: The Foundry
Created by: Tony Bedard
Ardian Syaf
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps #48 (July, 2010)
Star System: Sto-Oa
Planet: Oa



The Foundry, also known as the Ring Foundry, was a subterrainean chamber complex on the planet Oa and was crafted by the Guardians of the Universe as a means of creating new Power Rings and Power Batteries for their Green Lantern Corps. According to the Book of Oa, the forging of a Power Ring was a feat that was most arduous even for a Guardian due to the massive as well as lethal levels of willpower that needed to be sustained during the process. Willpower was used as the ore in the crafting process which was used to cast a Power Battery into a mold whereupon the Power Ring was summoned from the lamp as it was ignited. This region on Oa also contained a large number of secret projects that the Guardians had created in their long existence. These included holding tanks that contained the Psions, manufacturing plants for Manhunters and conversion platforms for Alpha Lanterns. A number of underground tunnels resided in the area.

War of Light

Earth Lanterns in The Foundry.

After The Blackest Night, Ganthet decided to relinquish his position as a Guardian of any Corps and inducted himself as the Green Lantern of Space Sector 0000. His fellow Oans decided to allow him this decision and Ganthet entered into the Foundry where he crafted his own Power Ring as well as Power Battery thus making him a fully fledged member of the Green Lantern Corps. At the time of the War of The Green Lanterns, the Earth Lanterns managed to escape the mindcontrolled Corps that were under Krona's command by hiding within the Foundry. Once there, the group encountered Krona's Power Gauntlet that served as the basis for the Power Ring technology. Following the defeat of the Keepers, John Stewart was arrested by the Alpha Lantern Corps for killing a fellow Green Lantern. He would be sentenced to death which saw the Corps revolt against the Alpha Lanterns and Guy Gardner took Stewart to safety. The pair managed to hide within the Ring Foundry where the Power Rings were forged. John Stewart commented that the area gave him bad memories due to Krona's actions and the pair escaped deeper into Oa to hide from the cybernetic Alpha Lanterns. During the Rise of The Third Army, the deceptions of the Guardians was revealed as they intended to destroy their Corps and replace them with new enforcers. Among those that escaped the Oans traps were Kilowog who along with fellow Lanterns went into the underground tunnels into the Foundry. During this time, a powerless Guy Gardner arrived at the scene and made his way to the Foundry to acquire a Power Ring. After failing to retrieve one from stasis, Guy made use of Krona's Power Gauntlet to attack the Guardians.


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