The Glow refers to the energy which the Guardians of the Universe and the Maltusians first learned to manipulate many eons ago when they were the most advanced species in the universe (see Willpower and Emotional Spectrum for more information). The Maltusians' ability seemed to not be restricted to only the Green energy of Willpower, but was certainly the first, as Killala, the first Maltusian to learn to use the Glow, manfiested as green energy. The Zamarons, however, learned to harness the violet power of Love, Ganthet and Sayd the blue light of Hope, and the Controllers seemed confident in their ability to manipulate the orange light if they could attain it. It is unknown who coined the term "The Glow". It may have been a term derived early on before the Maltusians truly understood what it was, or it given their secretive nature, could be a term they use to hide its true nature from the universe, and thus stop less advanced beings using it for chaotic purposes, or it may simply be a simplified name given so as to refer to it simply in explanation or conversation.

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