The Greenhouse
General Information
Official name: The Greenhouse
Created by: Peter Tomasi
Fernando Pasarin
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8
Space Sector: Space Sector 2000



The Green House was the name of an unknown snow covered planetoid that was selected randomly by Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner to serve as a secret safehouse. Its existence was kept secret from the Green Lantern Corps as the two intended to make it as a retreat in case the Corps ever turned against them. Thus, they intended to use it as a place where they could regroup and use as shelter if they were ever hunted by their fellow Green Lanterns. The actual codename for the planet was made by Hal Jordan with the safehouse being built in the summer. This part of the planet was a secret underground shelter that would recognize them. At some point in recent years, Jordan placed a Manhunter transport vessel known as the Interceptor at the Green House to serve as transportation in times of need.

War of The Green Lantern CorpsEdit

After The Blackest Night, the villainous Maltusian known as Krona returned and captured the various Entities of the Emotional Spectrum. Using the Parallax Entity, Krona managed to subvert the entire Green Lantern Corps to his will and managed to also use the Entities to forcibly possess the Guardians of the Universe. In this aftermath, only a few Green Lanterns were free from Krona's influence and among them were Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner. Gardner after being attacked immediately used his Green Lantern Power Ring to contact any of his comrades and discovered that Jordan was also free of Parallax's influence. Using the Power Ring, he sent a message for Jordan to meet him at The Green House. Leaving a construct formed in the snow as a beacon, Gardner was visited by Jordan where the two compared events leading them to learn that the entire Corps had been taken over by Krona. Despite their resistance to Parallax's influence, the power of fear caused by the newly restored Yellow Impurity led to the pair fighting one another which they were only able to shake off by removing their Rings. They spent hours going through the snow in order to find the secret safehouse where there was a worry that the two would freeze to death. However, they managed to stumble into the base which recognised the pair and the Interceptor awaited them. Using the vessel, they departed into space for Oa in order to rescue those Green Lanterns now affected by Krona's control.


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