The Oan - Manhunter War was a conflict between the Guardians of the Universe of the planet Oa, and their former mechanical minions, the Manhunters. The Manhunters had been the peacekeeping force of the Guardians for millennia, and had served them unfailingly for all of that time under the orders that they were to stop chaos and disorder throughout the universe. However, after this long time of service, something rather unfortunate happened. Simultaneously, every Manhunter came to understand that disorder and chaos were natural products of life, and thus logically, the way to stop disorder and chaos was to eliminate their source. Coming to this conclusion, the entirety of the Manhunter legions descended upon Space Sector 0666, and massacred the entire population except for 5 beings (who would later dub themselves the Five Inversions), in an event that became known as the Massacre of Sector 666. As a direct result of this unprovoked attack, the Guardians immediately set out to disable their former servants. In response to their new understanding of life, the Manhunters turned on their former masters.

The WarEdit


The Final Battle on Oa

Little to nothing is known of the war itself, other than that it lasted 1000 years, the manhunters made it at least once to Oa, and that the Guardians eventually emerged victorious after a final battle on Oa itself. Many species were apparently wiped out byt he Manhunters during the war. The Manhunters were eventually defeated, the majority of them destroyed. The Guardians turned their attention to other matters, such as the many magical societies, including the rising power, the Empire of Tears.


The Manhunters that escaped the war were able to set up on a number of worlds, and rebuild their forces. Over the many millennia since their defeat, they have constantly harassed the Guardians and their new Green Lantern Corps. The Oan - Manhunter War was followed almost immediately by The Oan - Magic War, where the Oans sought to remove magic from the Universe.


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