The Orrery
The Orrery.jpg
General Information
Official name: The Orrery
First Appearance: Green Lantern: New Guardians #4
Type: Starship
Used by: Invictus



The Orrery was a mysterious massive vessel that was the size of a solar system. It was actually constructed in another universe many years ago by one of the Angels of Vega. This Angel known as Invictus was once an inhabitant of the known universe where his people were protectors of the Vega System. They were known as benevolent beings to the inhabitants of the world of Vega but the Angels were hunted to extinction by Larfleeze. He intended to claim their life energy but these were instead transferred to the last of their kind which was Invictus. During the battle between the two, Invictus tore a hole in reality to another universe to imprison Larfleeze. However, instead Invictus was thrown into the dimensional tear where he resided for many years. During this time, he intended to craft a replica of the Vega System where he transformed inhabitants of this new universe into versions of the Vegan people. In addition, he turned various worlds into a massive starship with its own star in the centre to be a perfect copy of the Vega system. This vessel became known as the Orrery and the various spherical worlds were replicas of Tamaran, Citadel, Okaara and the other Vegan planets. The Orrery and all the Vegan inhabitants became devout followers of Invictus who remained the last angel of the Vega System.


After the War of The Green Lanterns, a mysterious force was responsible for opening a dimensional gateway through the black hole in the centre of a galaxy. From there, the massive Orrery emerged into the known universe which attracted ships from numerous worlds to investigate the event. At this time, the New Guardians arrived at the scene after being directed there by Agent Orange. The leader of the Orange Lantern Corps claimed that a mysterious force that had been stealing the Power Rings from the various Corps came from the master of the Orrery. During the New Guardians investigation of the space vessel, they discovered the angel Invictus and battled him. He effortlessly defeated them though Kyle Rayner managed to convince him to spare their lives after learning the Angel of Vega had no part in the theft of the Power Rings. Instead, Invitus agreed to allow the New Guardians to leave the Orrery but on the condition that they kill Larfleeze.



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