The Paling
General Information
Founder(s): Pale Bishop
Leader(s): Pale Bishop
Current Members: Pale Bishop
Status: Inactive




Anti Emotion Cult.

The Paling were a cult of anti emotion that were created by a former member of the Guardians of the Universe that was known as the Pale Bishop. When his kind had discovered the Emotional Spectrum - one of the Oans became overwhelmed by the emotions that he experienced. This saw him fleeing their number where he began to purge himself of emotions. Afterwards, he established a religion that believed in anti emotion and the that emotions were heresy. The Pale Bishop himself was later seemingly killed when he arrived on Earth only to be defeated by Black Adam. However, the Paling continued to operate in deep space from their cathedral ships. As they spread through space, they began to convert other races into their faith with these being purged of emotion. They continued to operate without their master where they worshiped him as a forgotten god.


Following The War of Light, The Blackest Night, The Brightest Day, The Third Army and Volthoom's rampage, the Church of the Paling returned to Sector space. Their initial forays were halted by Sinestro who gained insight into their long term plans.

Final Gambit

After the disappearance of the Green Lantern Corps, the Paling began to emerge into known space and began their purges of emotion. Lyssa Drak learnt of their existence and the threat they posed leading her to seek out Sinestro. Sinestro by this time had gone into exile after the destruction of Korugar but was convinced to return. He would bring the Sinestro Corps back under his leadership and began to work to stop the inquisition of the Paling. Following an initial battle with them, he managed to defeat several of the Pale Vicars and studied their ship before destroying it. Later on, during a battle with Mongul, he sent the alien warlord flying through space with multiple Power Rings in order to attract The Paling. The Paling would discover Mongul and convert him into one of their own. When the Pale Bishop was resurrected, he went into space and summoned The Paling to Earth where they battled the planets super powered inhabitants along with the Sinestro Corps. The Paling were ultimately defeated when Sinestro managed to kill the Pale Bishop.



  • Multiple cathedral Star ships
  • Members are able to travel in space under their own power.


  • Like Lightsmiths members of The Paling use not rings but staves.




  • For an organization founded by a former Guardian of the Universe there remains a question of where they have been and how they have operated without the knowledge of any corps.
  • Where green lanterns function similar to police officers and are called such, and yellow lanterns act as Sinestro's soldiers, this organization is functionally a religion and members are named as such with titles like the 'Sallow Priests' or the 'Pale Vicars'.
  • It is unknown what relations this religion has with the Light Monks.



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