Tom Kalmaku
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General Information
Real name: Thomas Kalmaku
First Appearance: Green Lantern #2 (October, 1960)
Created by: John Broome
Affiliations: Ferris Aircraft
Portrayed by: Taika Waititi



An employee of Ferris Aircraft, Kalmaku discovered Hal Jordan's secret identity as Green Lantern and became a confidant and sidekick of the Emerald Warrior.

Early Life

Thomas Kalmaku was a young Eskimo engineer at Ferris Aircraft, also the employer of test pilot Hal Jordan. For a while, he was nicknamed "Pieface" (a play on Eskimo Pie), however this has not been used for some time. He had a girlfriend named Tegra. They later married, but separated. Kalmaku was one of the few people who knew Hal Jordan's secret, and kept a journal of Green Lantern's adventures. He often assisted the hero, or required rescuing. Hal had considered him as a replacement GL, and the Guardians of the Universe even offered him a Green Lantern Ring (which he declined). Kalmaku was revealed to be one of the "Chosen" who formed the New Guardians. He had the superpower to bring out the best in people. However, he decided to leave the New Guardians to be with his family. After Hal's (several) deaths, he went on a final mission on Hal's behalf, eventually reconstructing the planet Oa. Kalmaku is also a father, and about to become an equal partner in Carol Ferris's aircraft company.

Powers and Abilities

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