General Information
Real name: Thwarcharchura
First Appearance: Ganthet's Tale #1
Created by: TBA
Affiliations: Dawlakispokpok
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



During the dawn of the Maltusian race, their kind became powerful immortal beings who stretched the boundaries of science and knowledge. An ancient legend amongst their kind was that they were forbidden to study their own origins and that great evil would engulf the universe. In truth, this was actually the result of rumors spread by Dawlakispokpok in order to prevent enemies from learning of the birth of their race and make their opponents believe that they were all powerful. However, this only incited the curiosity of the scientist Krona who created an experiment where he would peer back in time to the moment of creation. This act created the Anti-Matter Universe and led to a billion years of potential life being lost to the universe.

As a result of his crimes, the male Maltusians became known as the Guardians of the Universe whilst the female members of their kind became known as the Zamarons; one of which was Thwarcharchura. She took Dawlakispokpok as her mate and aided him after he became a renegade from his brethren.

The Cycle CompletedEdit

Thousands of years later, she and her Oans mate had two children known as Doranchatok and Darthartheen. Her family worked in an attempt at rewriting history by going back in time and preventing Krona from finishing his dangerous experiment. Their actions, however, attracted the attentions of his fellow Guardians namely Ganthet who feared that Dawlakispokpok's actions would only duplicate the work of Krona. Thus, he along with two members of the Green Lantern Corps namely Hal Jordan and the Maltusian Percival worked to stop him. However, Thwarcharhcura and her children fought against them in order to allow her mate to complete his goal.

During the fight, Ganthet's fears came to light and it was revealed that this attempt at altering history led to the original disaster. The connection to the past and future led to a destructive entropy wave which killed Dawlakispokpok. After discovering that it was their own actions and not Krona's that led to the introduction of entropy into the universe, Thwarcharhura was horried and she along with her son Doranchatok surrendered. They were taken to Oa where they faced the judgement of the Guardians though her other child Darthartheen escaped and vowed revenge.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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