General Information
Official name: Vault
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Rise of The Manhunters
Star System: Sto-Oa
Planet: Oa



The Vault was a hidden underground cavern that was located on the planet Oa and crafted in secret by the Guardians of the Universe. During ancient times, a terrible conflict began between willpower and fear with the emerald light being the victor in this great struggle. Seeing the danger of the yellow light, the Guardians decided to imprison dangerous power of fear. As such, just as there was the Green Lantern Central Power Battery that harnessed the raw power of willpower in the universe, there existed its polar opposite in the Yellow Central Power Battery of fear. This dangerous artifact was locked away within the subterreanean Vault where it was to be protected from outsiders. Thus, the contents of the caverns rivalled will energy in power and intensity with trespassers feeling that the area was oppressive.

To ensure that it could not be abused, the Guardians hid existence of the Yellow Central Power Battery from even their trusted Green Lantern Corps. The Vault was protected by hidden passageways that contained glyphs of the Green Lantern Central Power Battery with puzzles needing to be solved in order to enter the passageways. This series of security measures were made to deny intruders access to the Vault though insiders were able to open the doorways for others. Only a confidential override 3-7-4 allowed a Green Lantern Power Ring to inform its user of the contents of the Vault.

Rise of The Manhunters

In later era, the Manhunters received knowledge of the Vault from an informant who told the androids of the yellow Central Power Battery. Armed with this knowledge, they staged an assault against Oa itself where they tricked the Green Lanterns into thinking that they were attacking the Gateway as well as the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. However, in truth, they had journeyed into the Vault which was opened by their informant where they had partially drained the power of fear from the yellow Power Battery. Upon learning the truth threat, the Guardians dispatched Hal Jordan to enter into the Vault in order to thwart the Manhunters in their plot. Afterwards, they reluctantly revealed the existence of the underground chambers and their dark secret to Sinestro along with Kilowog after Jordan decided to speak of what he had seen as he believed too many Green Lanterns had died in defending the Vault.


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