Wall of Rage
General Information
Official name: Wall of Rage
Created by: Atrocitus
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors (Vol 1) 1 (August 11, 2010)
Planet: Ysmault



The Wall of Rage was a structure created on the planet Ysmault by Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lantern Corps and was formed following the end of The Blackest Night. With the crisis over, the demonic Atrocitus once more sought to attain his vengeance and sate his rage at the Guardians of the Universe for their crimes committed against his people. This was namely the actions of the Manhunters who were responsible for the Massacre of Sector 666 which killed the Red Lantern's entire people leaving only him and the Five Inversions as the remaining survivors. With Nekron defeated, Atrocitus constructed the Wall of Rage from skulls that lied on top of each other to make a literal wall to serve as a reminder of all the souls lost due to the Oans actions which included not only the Red Lanterns people but his family as well. It was created by gathering the dead remains of living beings from decimated planets in order for them to serve as an audience to Atrocitus who had a vested interest in seeing justice served on the Guardians. The Red Lantern Corp leader believed that the dead souls of Sector 666 would shed tears of rage and joy at seeing vengeance attained against the hated Guardians.

Emerald WarriorsEdit

Bleez was present as Atrocitus was adding skulls to the Wall of Rage and bathing them in blood as well as explained the reason for its creation. He also made it clear that he intended to make another wall that consisted of the skulls of the Guardians of the Universe and their Green Lantern Corps when he finally got his revenge against them. He asked for Red Lantern Bleez's help in building the wall to which she agreed. However, before this could be accomplished, he had formed a secret pact with Ganthet and Guy Gardner to fight a threat in the Unknown Sectors. Thus, he sent Bleez as his emissary on the expedition to the Unknown Sectors as part of the secret pact between the Green Lantern Corps and the Red Lantern Corps.


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