Warriors Bar
Warriors Bar
General Information
Official name: Warriors Bar
Created by: Beau Smith
Mitch Byrd
First Appearance: Guy Gardner: Warrior #25 (November, 1994)
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Formerly:
Country: Formerly:
United States of America
State: Formerly:
New York
Locale: Formerly:
New York City



Warriors was a super hero themed bar and eatery owned by Guy Gardner. Located in midtown Manhattan, the bar functioned similarly to that of other trendy restaurants such as Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock Café. Although the decor spotlighted many famous super-heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman, a particular bias was given to members of the Green Lantern Corps. Despite their tumultuous history with one another, Guy Gardner maintained a special corner of the bar in honor of the (then deceased) former Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Several colorful characters have been known to work at Warriors including Lady Blackhawk, Arisia and Ted Grant. The restaurant was destroyed during a battle with the yellow fear entity known as Parallax.

New Warriors

Guy began establishing a new Warriors, but this restaurant was located on the planet of Oa. He had Kyle Rayner and several Green Lantern rookies help out with the renovations.



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