General Information
Official name: Willhunters
First Appearance: Green Lantern #12
Type: Weapon
Used by: Hank Henshaw

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

After the defeat of the Manhunter Cult during the Millennium Event, the android race remained in the shadows until a new Grandmaster was installed who led them. This being was Hank Henshaw who commanded the machines from their secret world of Biot with one of the many new creations he introduced were the Willhunters. These were nanites that committed a bio-invasion of a victim's nervous system where they suppressed their consciousness and began reprogramming the individuals mind. This left the victim in a catatonic state where they were unable to act without orders from Manhunters or their leader. They had the ability to read their victim's mistakes and regrets by triggering those memories which flooded the individuals minds with those images in order to break that person's will thus allowing them to alter his thoughts.

Green Lantern[edit | edit source]

When Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner of the reborn Green Lantern Corps arrived on Biot to rescue the Lost Lanterns, they came under attack from the Manhunter Cult and its leader. After the fight, Henshaw infected Hal Jordan with Willhunters in order to break his mind as part of the new Grandmasters Manhunter initiative which was not to destroy organic life but to control it. As the nanites invaded his mind, they brought back Jordan's memories of becoming a pilot despite his mother's wishes, of moving to Evergreen City Washington in order to run away from a committed relationship with Carol Ferris, his time as Parallax, not wearing his Green Lantern Power Ring whilst flying his jet, of watching Jillian Pearlman being taken prisoner after the jet had crashed and for attending his former lover Green Lantern Arisia's funeral. However, Hal Jordan used his will and power ring to burn out the nanites away one by one whereupon he continued his fight with Hank Henshaw.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Willhunters make an appearance in Green Lantern: Rise of The Manhunters though with a much different form. In the game, they resemble large mechanical snakes but retain their ability to corrupt the minds of living beings who fall under the influence of the Manhunters. One such machine was used on Zamaron and used its ability to corrupt many Zamarons during the assault against the Hall of Knowledge.

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