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General Information
Official name: Xanshi
Universe: New Earth
Space Sector: Space Sector 1313
Galaxy: Xeno Galaxy


Green Lantern John Stewart vs Black Lantern Xanshi


Xanshi was a planetoid located in Space Sector 1313 with a diverse range of sentient life. One of its members attracted the attention of the Guardians of the Universe who selected one of their number to serve in the Green Lantern Corps. This Green Lantern defended the planet from a military expedition but was ultimately defeated by Arkkis Chummuck who was awarded a Green Lantern Power Ring due to his accomplishment. The world remained in obscurity but eventually became an important location during the crisis involving the Anti-Life Equation. At the time, Green Lantern John Stewart joined the Martian Manhunter in investigating the world where they found the inhabitants stricken with a communicable disease. Stewart, in his overconfidence in his abilities, decided to venture ahead without J'onn J'onzz as the Anti-Life Equation had begun to manipulate the weather as well as turned it against them. During his investigation, Stewart discovered a Blink Bomb in the planet's core which threatened to destroy it and worse was the fact that it was coated in the color yellow. This prevented him from stopping the doomsday device which exploded and devastated Xanshi as well as sending it crashing into its sun thus killing all the native inhabitants. The destruction of Xanshi forever scarred John Stewart who blamed himself for its destruction and nearly committed suicide as a result of his decision. The news of the planet being destroyed later traveled to Okaara where the last of the sentients of Xanshi known as Yrra Cynril learnt of the involvement of the Green Lantern. She decided to seek vengeance by killing off any Green Lantern she found as well as finding the one responsible for her home's destruction; John Stewart in order to kill him and avenge her people.

The Planet of Xanshi Rise

The Blackest Night

During The Blackest Night, Black Lantern Power Ring's were responsible for reforming the planet Xanshi which attracted the attention of Green Lantern John Stewart to investigate. Once on the dead world's surface, he found a discarded Green Lantern Power Battery which belonged to the Fallen Lantern Driq after which Stewart was attacked by the undead members of the Black Lantern Corps. When heading to Earth, Driq revealed the driving force of the planet, many black rings acting as a core. Soon, John Stewart, Stel, Morro, Kilowog, Slussh, Tekik, Fatality, Haggor, and Brother Hymn combined their lights to sever the rings' connection to the planet, causing it to fall down into Coast City's bay.



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