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The Yellow Circle were a brotherhood of magicians as well as sorcerors who practiced various mystical arts in order to achieve their goal regardless of it being white, black or yellow magic. They considered themselves the natural enemies of Torquemada of the Green Lantern Corps and believed that conflict between the two sides was inevitable. After learning of his membership within the Guardians of the Universe's intergalactic peacekeeper force, the Yellow Circle desired the power the Oans had given him. This was because they believed that with a Green Lantern Power Ring within their possession - the might of the Yellow Circle would grow to the point that none could challenge them. To that end, they dispatched one of their members known as Prentice who was armed with the collective knowledge of his brethren in order to counter any of the magics of Torquemada. Whilst journeying through space, he was to find the Green Lantern Sorceror's lair and steal both his Power Ring as well as his Green Lantern Power Battery.

Prentice managed to uncover the magical stronghold of Torquemada where he portrayed himself as a humble traveller to the sorceror's apprentice Giselle where he placed a charm on her in order to steal the Power Battery. This provoked the wrath of Torquemada who demanded to know who the intruder was at which point Prentice revealed his magic as well as his membership in the Yellow Circle. The two battled in the mystical arts until Prentice took Giselle as a hostage where he demanded the Power Ring to be handed over to him. Torquemada complied in exchange for Giselle's release but Prentice refused and instead wanted to keep her. Bringing her close to him, Prentice kissed Giselle whereupon his body was transformed into gold as he was unaware that she had been cursed with a spell that transformed anyone she kissed into a gold statue.


  • Yellow Sorcery : members of the Yellow Circle practiced a magical art that manifested in the color yellow allowing them to mystically form staffs or blades or other items coated in this substance making it immune to the abilities of a Green Lantern of the early generation.


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