Qwardian Power Battery
General Information
Official name: Qwardian Power Battery
First Appearance: Green Lantern (Vol 4) #18
Type: Lantern Power Battery
Used by: Sinestro Corps



Sinestro's Power Battery.


Created in the antimatter universe on the planet of Qward to recharge the power rings of the Sinestro Corps. Several Weaponeers of Qward are shown being used in forced labor to assemble the portable batteries out of Qwardite, an ore from their planet. The Yellow Power Battery is a concentration of the sentient emotion of fear.

The Sinestro Corps

The Yellow Power Battery is the source of energy for a Sinestro Corpsman's ring, and as such is a vital possession for a Corps member. A Sinestro Corpsman must recharge their Power Ring periodically. Each Sinestro Corpsman has a Power Battery shaped like an old fashioned lantern, which they can use to recharge their ring. These smaller Power Batteries are linked to the Qwardian Central Power Battery on Qward (later Korugar, Sinestro's home planet), the source of their power. Unlike the ring, Power Batteries do not need to be recharged. The Sinestro Corps Power Batteries of some individual Sinestro Corps are carried in the Manhunters' heads behind the removable face shield. This gives the Corps member a way to drain any nearby Green Lantern Corps Power Rings or constructs, and allows Sinestro a direct means of control over his individual Corps members.

The Blackest Night

Sinestro used his Yellow Lantern Power Battery on Earth during the Blackest Night to recharge his Sinestro Corps Power Ring before battling Nekron. Sinestro is shown keeping the battery in a pocket dimension close to his body, similar to how he kept his Green Lantern Power Battery when he was in the Green Lantern Corps.


4 Lanterns from Pocket Dimensions

A New Battery Forged

After the War of The Green Lanterns, Sinestro was chosen by a Green Lantern Power Ring and inducted into the Corps. As a result, he was forced to serve the Guardians and began policing the universe. Among his actions involved dismantling the Sinestro Corps that had taken control over Korugar. With the aid of Hal Jordan, Sinestro travelled to Korugar where he initated a shut-down program in the Central Power Battery thus depowering the entire former Corps of Fear. Only a few survivors managed to escape, removing their Sinestro Power Rings to be outside the shut-down program or when their rings ran out of power. Amongst these survivors was The Weaponer who forged a new Qwardian Power Battery and Power Ring on Korugar and gave both to Arkillo to replace his depleted Sinestro Corps Power Ring.

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