Yellow Plague of Ghera
General Information
Official name: Yellow Plague of Ghera
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 59
Type: Disease
Used by: None



The Yellow Plague was a deadly and mysterious disease that was native to the planet Ghera. It was notable for holding no cure and proved fatal to any adults that contracted the illness. The most distinctive sign of suffering from the disease was that a victim began to shake uncontrollably whilst their features turned yellow and they struggled in their breathing with a short life expectancy. At some unknown point in the past, the Yellow Plague manifestd on Ghera where it decimated the planetary population by killing all the adults on that world. This left behind only the children who were immortal and had formidable mental powers that separated into two sides whereupon they embarked on dangerous war games against one another. The nature of the Yellow Plague of Ghera meant that it was dreaded by the members of the Green Lantern Corps as their Power Ring's were unable to cure them of the disease.


This disease was known to had inflicted the inhabitants of Naktos and was responsible for killing half the planet's population. Among the victims was Green Lantern Ghrelk who passed his Green Lantern Power Ring to his successor, Varix. The Guardians of the Universe once showed Hal Jordan through the Memory Machine what would have happened if Abin Sur's Power Ring had selected Guy Gardner as his successor. In this alternate potential timeline, Gardner embarked on a similar career as Jordan and was dispatched to Ghera where he managed to stop the war games between the inhabitants immortal children. However, when he returned, he contracted the Yellow Plague and died but not before passing on the Power Ring to Jordan.


  • This illness first featured in Green Lantern Vol 2 56 in a potential alternate timeline where it was simply referred to as the Yellow Plague. It, however, made a more recent appearance in Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files and Origins #1 where it was called the Yellow Plague of Ghera that ravaged Varix's homeworld.


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