Zamaron Defender
General Information
Official name: Zamaron Defender
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Rise of The Manhunters
Type: Weapon
Used by: Zamarons



The Zamaron Defender was a gigantic statue that had the physical form of the Zamarons and was crafted by them after this Maltusians offshoot race separated from the Guardians of the Universe. After settling on Zamaron, they harnessed the violet energy of love in the Emotional Spectrum with their respository of knowledge being located in the Hall of Knowledge. Deep within this structure sat the Defender which protected the Zamaron homeworld from intruders and required one of the warrior women to willingly bond with it to serve as its operator. The process led to a Zamaronian merging with the rock construct and using its great strength as well as abilities against any invaders. Once merged, the Zamaronian resided within an oval shaped crystal that resided on the chest of the Defender.

Rise of The ManhuntersEdit

During the Manhunters assault on Zamaron, they began to use the yellow energy of fear in conjunction with Willhunters in order to corrupt the ruling Zamaronians. This led to them corrupting numerous warriors including the Warrior-Queen Aga'po. Under the machine influence, she turned on the Green Lantern Corps and battled Hal Jordan but her followers failed in preventing him from entering the Hall of Knowledge. Still under the Willhunter influence, she decided to purify the planet by merging with the Defender which she used against the Earthman. He, however, managed to defeat it and destroyed the Defender whilst freeing the Queen from it. Her defeat helped free the entire planet from Manhunter influence who retreated after their plot failed.


  • The Defender serves as a boss character on the Zamaron level in the game.


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